romance was born…

MBFW has begun and the much anticipated Romance Was Born comic book range was showcased. I must say I was expecting a

more obvious Jeremy Scott large print Disney shop approach and yet as always Luke and Anna manage to show their obvious textile

talents by creating comic book backdrop all over prints and creating beautiful clothes for the brave.

My most wanted piece is the pink purple and jade green semi puffed jacket dress, I want one as my on set jacket. Perfect for the

1950′s tv show I’m now working on.

images: Vogue Australia



Checking out the Pride Models blog I was struck by this image of Shanna, she was just featured in the latest Australian Vogue

alongside the new up and coming strong faces including another model on the verge Emily Jean. Such fine bone structure.

images: pride models


new face “laura”

Photographer Thom Kerr has always been a favourite, mainly because he has such a rainbow effect with most of his editorials but

also his style quite often takes a very sexy commercial model and turns her into Vogue material. New face Laura @ Pride Models is

pretty but the above black and whites are stunning.

thanks to stylexion for the images

january issue 2 out now…..

Uncomfortably slow internet and night shoots have prevented me from blogging and yet I wanted to mention that the new issue of

January biannual is out and the cover looks stunning. Featuring works by Cedric Arnold and Elana Herzog and another shoot by

my friend JoDuck. Buy a copy here…. word around town is the stock is beautiful….

images: january


the misfits…….

Pages Digital Issue 93, The Misfits: Photographer Amanda Austin,  Fashion Editor Jolyon Mason, Models
Anja Konstantinova, Rachel Rutt, Max, James, Nathaniel, Emma, Angelique, Eilika and Jack.

images: pages