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Rather than wave a flag, or don some cheap Australiana skirt that has reached the shops for the week prior to this so called patriotic day- I have decided to feature three of our top model ex pats. 

Abbey Lee went from winning a Girlfriend Magazine model comp to Gucci Girl. Most recently shot by Steven Meisel in the CK Jeans F/W 08 androgynous lineup, starring in both Flora by Gucci Fragrance S/S 09 and Gucci S/S 09 campaigns as well as Ralph Lauren S/S 09 and the D&G Pre Fall 2008 campaign it’s no wonder this versatile native gap toothed Melbourne girl is now ranked # 17 in the top 50 on

Real Name: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: June 12, 1987

Born in: Melbourne, Australia

Lives now: New York, NY

Agencies: Next

Known for: My hair, my lips, my teeth, my nipple ring

Status: Rising star

Alice is one of the only models to win one of the Next Top Model contests and actually book catwalks and campaigns. Known for her flowing red hair and translucent long legs she was seen strutting in all 4 Fashion Weeks in O8, Mario Testino shot her for the D&G F/W 08 campaign, and she just appeared in Blumarine Cruise 09  . Alice is touted as a new face to watch.

Real Name: Alice Burdeu

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: January 27, 1988

Born in: Melbourne, Australia

Agencies: Elite, Models 1, Silent, Why Not

Known for: My hair

Status: Newcomer

I bet the casting kids at Australia’s Next Top Model are a little embarrassed after telling Myf modelling is not her thing. She has catapaulted from the sunny shores of Brisbane to starring in the Paris Couture shows, a spot only ever booked by the supers. Papparazzied in Dazed and Confused as a new It Girl model and picked by fashion’s Kaiser for the Chanel Couture runway she has already platformed herself against the Russian ponywalkers that usually rule the roost.

Real Name: Myfanwy Amy Elizabeth Shepherd

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: April 4, 1991

Born in: Cairns, Australia

Agencies: Next

Known for: My legs, my eyes

Status: Rising star

Mariah On Fire


Miss Mariah is on track to work with her MTV star hubby on her upcoming single. The first lady of lycra and formal wear bikinis has hired her hubby to direct the filmclip for her next single “My Love”.

“My Love” features R’n’B hit machine The Dream, who have assisted Beyonce, Madonna and Rihanna in their dance floor super songs. I have been listening to Mariah’s greatest hits CD of late and sometimes you forget how many mega hits she has under her butterfly chain belt. Can’t wait to see her Miami chicka outfit in this clip.

New York’s Rachel Comey


Sometimes living in the southern hemispere can allow us down under to try the freshest trends almost as soon as we can search the op shops to re-create a look, but sometimes by the time the sun is out I have forgotten my favorite spring/summer O8 catwalks and have to go back to and re-flick. I just re-deiscovered my fav New York casual daywear designer. High waists, sleeveless shirts, mini tribal prints clashing with muted monotone abstract shapes in chatreuse, dusty pink and nearly neon yellow are just some of the colours and prints packed into this dress up box of flavours. My task for this week is to try and work the mini skirt over the safari shorts.

Jerry + Mick


I wait for the day when Jerry finally takes Mick back. She tried with that toy boy show to replace one of the best dressed men in history, and he has some other Amazonian who occasionally stands next to him but its time they finally went on a family boat trip. I saw Lizzy up close at a fashion show and was busted staring mouth agape about a meter in front of her. I love her inherited mothers mane and her fathers kissable lips. And it’s obvious that Lizzy and Georgia have dipped into the family archives to create their own amazing wardrobes. 

Turn up the TV


I first came across TV when my friend in London- Paulie, was wearing a dreamcatches necklace that caught and hypnotized both of my eyes. Being away from Melbourne for two years I had missed the rise of what is turning out to be my longest wish list for this winters wardrobe. I love the tan cotton jumpsuit and once I add my string tie it will complete my first Roman The Prophet outfit. The woolen turban stands at number one, it messes with my ideal country vibe but I have never liked myself in a beanie.  

Turns out TV have been creeping into a lot of peoples blog with their cool easy to hang in designs and slick look book.

It seems Sportsgirl has heard the word on the street and has enlisted TV to join other such young designers as Elke Kramer, Manning Cartell, Life With Bird and Kate Hurst. If their Autumn/Winter O9 preview is anything to go by we can look forward to a collection of  Talitha Getty on safari with Erin Wasson. I hope TV don’t follow suit of  some of the Topshop collaborators who do the same lane with cheaper fabrics.

Roman The Prophet


My self proclaimed look for this winter comes from HBO’s Big Love and it’s not Chloe’s high neck pastel shirts and 9O’s floor length skirts that have made it to my mood board. It’s Harry Dean Stanton as the Poligismist prophet in his string ties and fitted two tone western blazers that inspire my ever changing seasons guideline. I also love Rhonda’s look when she first escapes the compound and tries to introduce pop culture to her top to toe Morman uniform. White lace ruffle shirt with a  stolen ghetto oversized bomber jacket worn slightly off the shoulder.

Obama Rama Dance Moves

2514421249_40d7f7287fNever once have I taken even a slight interest in politics. In all honesty I would be hard pressed to even answer 2 questions about my own government. To think that even a girl from Melbourne is youtubing the Obama inauguration speech just goes to show the worldwind affect of change and what one man can congure up when addressing the masses.  is excited about what will happen next. i am annoyed at myself for not being in washington- and i must admit last night i held my breath and made a wish that mr obama made it through the day safely!

Jethro- Mini Nick Cave


Whilst shopping in the city today I saw an exact flashback of Nick Cave fifteen years ago. It wasn’t his catwalking son Jethro- but he was also wearing a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds t-shirt. Wish I had my camera because I love it when someone takes their love of a band into an entire look. Jethro has his own take on a western blues and swing look with his extreme undercut and cowboy shirt seems to be entering the latest swarm of rock offsprings that now grace both runways and fashion billboards. Pixie and Peaches, Coco Sumner, Daisey Lowe, Lizzy and Georgia Jagger are just some of the kids taking cheques from the overworked skinny jean wearing full time models. Jethro has begun his career at the top gracing the catwalk for Balenciaga. Question is can he stick around as long as Mr Cave?

His Model Stats…

FULL NAME:Jethro Lazenby Cave

HEIGHT:186cm / 6′1″

PLACE OF ORIGIN:Melbourne, Australia

Kayne Vuitton


Kanye wants to go down as the voice of a generation as well as contributing to all things fashionable. His blog raves about his favorite models as well as his need for an exclusive internship at his VIP list of fashion favs- LV, Marc Jacobs or Raf Simons and now he is taking up seats in the front row at Paris Fashion Week. His loud rap of self promotion is finally paying off as he adds contributer to his long list of talents. First he designed a custom made one of a kind LV backpack, now he continues his alliance with Mr Jacobs and has created a monochrome quilted mid-top sneaker for sauntering down the Parisian runways.

The Muse


I finally saw Vicky Christina Bacerlona. Despite my friends negetive reviews I love Woody Allen movies, and even the flops are generally better than most Hollywood Blockbusters. The one thing that troubles me is Scarlett as his muse. How can he go from Diane- to Mia- to Scarlett. Dianne Keaton started a frenzy of New Yorkers doing the Annie Hall look which is still a re occurring trends at the start of most Winters. Supposely she turned up to set in her personal trademark men’s trousers, waistcoat and tie and the costume designer told her to get out of those crazy clothes. Luckily Woody the preppy nerd loved her look and let her stay dressed.


Then came Mia the beautiful thirties elfin with those amazing cheekbones. Her look perfectly contradicted the mannish Dianne wardrobe with ditsy floral dresses and oversized woollen cardigans. Pity Woody’s movies have lost their iconic New York street style as he takes on new backdrops. VCB allowed the bombshell which is Scarlett and her sidekick muse Rebecca Hall traipse around in matching linen pants and musky short sleeve shirts.


There is hope that Woody’s latest muse Evan Rachel Wood is bringing back some interesting costume looks for his latest “Summer Project”. It’s a romantic comedy and it looks like Seinfeld creator and star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Larry David is her love interest. I prefer when Woody is starring in the movie, but at least no more baggy linen trousers.