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Check out Cindy in April’s Issue of Allure- “The Anti Aging Issue” decked out in a Zimmerman Halter swimsuit.  At 43 and with two kids I’m guessing even with the magazines tips of how to maintain a youthful look her bod is one of a kind. Pretty amazing how well she fills the Zimmerman swimsuit with her famous hour glass curves. Zimmerman is a little hit and miss for me but I think the swimwear and knits are sublime. Every Summer I always purchase a new two piece and their prints stand the test of time. I love that each collection has a tough rock section alongside more granny fresh knitted cardigans. I want the velvet long sleeve body con dress with gold Chanel bag straps threaded throughout. That and maybe looking like Miss Crawford when I purchase my next Zimmo swimsuit.

versace- return of the powerhouse


Christopher Kane grew up admiring Gianni Versace. Donatella believes the young Kane reminds her of her late talented genius of a brother and has been a massive fan since his debut Central St Martins collection. So it’s about time this collaboration came to fruition. At the start of March he launched his first accessories collection for Versus and what a match made in be-jewelled snakeskin heaven. Pretty sure Gianni is looking down from his palm treed pedistol with a massive grin. Alone Christopher Kane is an editorial Hoochie spreading the wares around and Versace is a Red Carpet must have but combined they are a serious fashion force which has already pushed Versace back into the peroxide blonde spotlight. The crystal strapped booties are so amazing they should be archived.

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Already the evidence is clear. Versace is number one on speed dial for the fashion elite. Starting with this red sequinned feathered mini worn in the Atelier campaign by the sultry Serbian Georgina Stojiljkovic. This dress has really flown around the world featuring in three amazing editorials- Vogue Paris, April Edition styled by another of Christopher’s fans Carine Roitfeld, starring Prada favorite Ymre Stiekema and shot at an agricultural show by Patrick Demarchelier,Italian Vogue, March Edition starring super comeback Amber Valletta and shot by Steven Klein, and then the Kaiser himself shot his latest muse Heidi Mount in the exact same dress for Numero. Hard to pick a favorite.


elizabeth + james


Mini muse. Elizabeth Olsen the twins younger sister, and part namesake for their diffusion clothing line Elizabeth + James is just coming into the papparazzi’s view. With similar grunge waves and doll pout this sibling has a slightly more polished hobo style. No doubt her older sisters have had her behind the scenes in the production line of one of their successful fashion adventures, until she has finally blossomed and can no longer be kept hidden. I love the gold cross dangly ear rings from their collaborative effort with Robert Lee Morris. Their jewelry line shows us that this is just the beginning for the fashion powerhouse, after mastering the tween market it’s amazing to gain the street cred amongst the slightly older fashion crowd. The multitasking twins and Morris have created minimalist pieces from brass, silver and wooden beads. The top of my wishlist is the Seven Chain Bracelet.

Marithé + François Girbaud


I prefer a campaign when there is more than one model showing off the wares, but story shoots are by far my favorite. Benetton with their love of all races, Burberry showing off the new young British talents and now I have just discovered the Girbaud campaigns. High end jeans with flagship stores in two towns- Paris and Beverly Hills.  Although the “skinny cowboy” jeans arent neatly folded in my wardrobe, does not mean I am not visually fulfilled with their ad campaigns, starting in 2OO5 with the controversial Last Supper featuring a lady Jesus and the disciples decked out in denim.

scarf face


Born beautiful. On the rise then finally you book a cover, a Margiela show and an editorial. Then as your penance for having chiselled cheekbones and legs to heaven- the mean stylist covers your face. Up and coming Aussie model Tallulah finally booked a cover and even her mother can’t even pick her in a scarf faced line up. There is something quite sensual about a chiffon scarf keeping an air of mystery, but I think the Margiela line up is more about anonymity and imagining cutting your own face and inserting it to the ensemble.



gala-Bi-lingual beautiful brunette blogger. Gala looks like a young Carine Roitfeld meets Spanish actress Paz Vega. Her flowing locks along with her seventies wealthy hippy wardrobe she has hit super blogger status thanks to being constantly featured on Teen Vogue’s website along with her blonde counterpart Carolina. Street style has now become the modern day fashion bible and now these model-esque typers who pose for their blogspots are gaining VIP status, free clothes and I even heard autographs have been signed. Gala has hit the futuristic spotlight due to the snapshots of her signature “BOD- blogger off duty” look which hovers around black, white and muted tones.

AGE: 23
BORN IN: Madrid, Spain
KNOWN FOR: Long Locks

Miss Peres was the most requested latina model for the Milan shows, standing out amongst a blonde sea of Russian models, teetering on super status. She has the Spanish veil of seduction with her wide set mourning blue eyes with masculine eyebrows to keep them in the shade. Catwalks aplenty, the campaigns will pour in any minute.

BIRTHDAY: July 29, 1984
BORN IN: Madrid, Spain
STATUS: Established


carolina – Swedish stylist satin skinned siren. Both blog sites are filled with tears from international magazines yet Carolina seems to have her steel blue eyes firmly set on future editorial prospects- stylist of model? Already snapped in the Sandqvist S/S 09 Campaign she is well on the way to become one of the toussled Gucci groupies she so reveres. Adoration leans towards super blondes- Kate, Lara, Anja and although Sweeden in known for its classical gene pools of beauty there is a large opening for those nordic looks. Caroline W. was pretty much the only swede super I could find.

AGE: 22
HOME TOWN:Stockholm, Sweden
KNOWN FOR: Supermodel Frame

Caroline – From soccer star tomboy to Victoria’s Secret catwalk regular. Girl next door freckles mixed with a men’s magazine body Caroline’s look gives her a crazy mixed bag of campaigns-athletic and high fashion-D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas by Stella McCartney,Rolex, Chloé, and Neiman Marcus. I think if Caroline was born into the Elle McPherson,  Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington super days she may have been able to stand in a line alongside.

BIRTHDAY: March 27, 1985
BORN IN: Sollentuna, Sweden
KNOWN FOR: Hair, Smile, Freckles
STATUS: Established, Sexy Girl

tourist in my own town


I met up with my friend Paulie who is from Melbourne but we crossed paths in London so on his holiday back I took him to the spot I think is the coolest and in desperate need of a photoshoot. I wanted to dress up in only white and pink…maybe I will stage a round two. It’s just a building in LaTrobe street called the Republic Tower which is used as a pinboard for rich man David Walsh, a private art collector slash professional gambler who once purchased John Brack’s painting The Bar from the National Gallery of Victoria, for a simple $3.12 million.The facade photo was taken by Polly Borland, an Australian artist now living in Britain, features GWEN a woman she saw on the street and semi stalked to be her model for the Bunny Series.


We met up with John and Adam and all of a sudden I was on a date with three handsome men. They took me to their fav photoshoot hangout at the Fitzroy Gardens. The dolphins. Another controversial Melbourne art piece created thanks to other wealthy benefactors Dinah and Henry Krongold who donated $30,000 towards the construction of the fountain made by sculptress June Arnold. Word is it’s controversial but unlike the boobs seen in the top piece of art I can’t seem to discover why these poor sea creatures are getting a bad wrap.

where the wild things are


Before I moved to London I was offered a job doing costume on Wild Things. Dream director- Spike Jonze, cult story book that gave me nightmares as an insomniac child, and an iconic white jumpsuit for the lead Max. So when I boarded the long flight kicking and screaming only to find it extremley hard to find work in London, here began my torment. As rumours spun around about hideous night shoots in the freezing bush I felt a little bit better. Then came the test screenings where kids were crying and adults found the monsters less than real, despite the fact that big costume suits were filled with Melbourne actors needing to be fanned down. There was talk of it never being released- I had made the right decision.  Then the Producers threatened to bring in a new Director to make it more Hollywood. Well thank the powers that be, it may be three years since the night-dream movie first began shooting, but Spike came back to the helm and the tralior looks like imagination flowing cartoon form straight from a sleeping child and into the cupboard. Greeny/grey tones, child’s eye views of tall eucalyptus trees, that memory of the ship sailing in the stormy waters- after three consecutive views of the trailor I realised I was holding my breath and getting tiny tears welling. My childhood, the monsters brought to life and the fact that I almost was a part of it. At least I finally got a magazine job in London. I can’t wait until October 16th.



Michael Jackson has created a domino effect with his announcement of a comeback tour. T-Boz and Chilli the two remaining members of TLC are touring again kicking off the first hush hush concerts in Japan. Dubbed as “New Girl Swing” they were Grammy Award winners and chart toppers, but their amazing career was cut short when Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was killed in a car accident. I remember as a young kid wanting to date all the long haired high school drop out boys, yet trying to walk around with a No Scrubs angry grunge persona. Wanting the Waterfalls romance with a tough guy who was rich. I can’t wait to see the get ups they wear on stage. Return of the bike pants? Will they have new moves?

miss lynnettes closet


Green with envy. I am staying with my friend Lynnette. After ten years of hanging out I was well aware of her immaculate designer necklace to sock outfits. Like me she tries to never be seen in the same outfit. Also quite often when I would invite her out she would proclaim her ironing pile was stacking up..BORING I would yell. Now it all makes sense. With a penchant for the Antwerp Six alongside their Japanese counterparts there is enough Margiela, Comme, Hussein Chalayan, Bruno Pieters, Preen, Jens Laugesen, Costume National, Bernard Willhelm and Undercover here to start a museum. Collectors items. 8 of the same t-shirt- Margiela Aids T-shirt-  in all of the hues. A Chloe shoe pile to bring tears to your eyes, then a stack of Karen Walker sunglasses to hide them. Then there is the shop front attention to detail. All ironed then folder with a square plastic board. A Summer wardrobe gets swapped once the cold weather begins then resides in the spare room. Everything colour co-ordinated to match a rainbow, and the pot of gold is actually her fashion book collection.


Even the underwear is neatly cupped and folded so the bras are in tiny mountains joining their friends of the same colour. This is the neat daughter my dad always dreamed of. These tiny photos don’t do her amazing wardrobe justice. I think I should start an open house.