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KAREN magazine


I feel like I am losing my ability to keep up with what is going on in London my old home, and stumbling on so many new things here that I can’t believe I don’t know about. How to leave the house and read every fashion blog daily? I kept reading about the Editor In Chief of Karen Magazine Marian Simms at RAFW. I had never heard of either, unless my memory is worse than I thought. Founded in 2OO5 this magazine was judged soley on the cover- the type alone made me want ice cream-  and without even flicking I bought my first copy. Love at first read, now I have to add another local-ish bi-annual magazine to my collection.

international models at RAFW


Years have gone by when the world had money to pay for International models to come out for Fashion Week, Missy Rayder, Maggie Rizer, Lily Cole, Sophie Dahl and Jerry Hall to grace our sandy shores in peachier economic times. This year the imports are those who were formerly exports Myf Shepherd and Alyssa Sutherland who were booked as the show starters and stoppers. So as I check out backstage to choose my top five models, I see a few non Australian teen interlopers, Janka Zachnikova from the Czech Republic and Polish Stazja Niementowska who take my fancy. Janka for both her blushed rosy cheeks and her lightly dusted freckles on her nose and Stazja for her piercing stare and stroppy teenager pursed lips.

Images: Vogue

romance was born again


An ostentatious under water sea party for mermaids, crochet rugged up grandmas and cupie dolls was seen at Romance Was Born’s latest collection. “Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells” left no surface spared. Nails, heels and handbags were covered in shells, minty musky pastel crochet sat over ruffled tulle and eyebrows had pleated lace fans to give the look of surprise. Sophie Ward seemed to emanate as the princess of the sea. This will be the most talked about show, original and over zealous but I am sure that I will not purchase anything, yet be astonished and spirited when I see most of the pieces featured in upcoming shoots in Oyster or Russh. Viva la Romance.

Images: Vogue



With such lay in bed on a sunday morning pillow lips she doesn’t need the extra half inch which pushes her over the model line -she is 5′ 8 1/2″. At day three Makenzie is both my model crush and the most photographed backstage beauty. Elle Bache skin, crystalized wide set eyes and the chameleon ability to change with her eyeshadow and lipstick surroundings. With a strawberry shaped face she is the young Christina Ricci in a modeling jumpsuit.  Images: Vogue

rachel rutt


Girl from the “Ha Ha Battles” Gail Sorronda look book is Rachel Rutt. A mix of a unique and a classic face, she is Australia’s answer to Devon Aoki who also chooses the angles in her face to switch from sweet as pie to seductress. I love her strong jaw and her catwalk expression is the personification of youthful prettiness. I think with her already jam packed body of cool images in her book, her angelic looks and lithe body this girl is one step away from either Italian, French or Russian Vogue. Watch this face!

Images: Vogue



This T-V show is better than anything on Foxtel. I loved last season’s denim hoochie cut out jackets, and I nearly fought a girl in Alice Euphemia who grabbed the last long sleeve ink acid wash dress garnished in shoulder pads of tassels. Monika Tvanek and Ingrid Verner of T-V have taken an Autumnal safari colour scheme and balked at the traditional floral spring/summer prints to instead infuse some highly original pieces that in no way reflect or copy International season’s gone by. No theme is an obvious stand-out yet each piece in the range can move around to the next outfit to add an extra playful interpretation. The pattern cutter has given a strong shoulder silhouette, the textured fabrics are what makes me want to try everything on and the lumberjack boots bring back the hip-hop hoochie I love so much.

Images: zimbio



Miss Kim Ellery steps away from her last collection of black and liquid gold garments which made up “Under The Cherry Moon” and takes on the USA Miss Teen Beauty pageant of 1987. Graduate of Central St Martins and ex Market Editor of Russh magazine she has written credentials to fill a cardboard box. Last season it was her black shoe boots with heels that had accidently stepped into a bubbling cauldron of gold and this season encompasses black strappy sandals a Miss USA teen may have worn but with an added Ellery tough touch of what looks like nuts and bolts screwed into the heel. Risky eighties pageant dresses and clear perspex ankle boots with peach Chanel toe and ankle tips give the impression of teen gone wild so mom enters her into beauty contest to turn her into a Save The World kind of girl .     Images: Vogue

totally Tarot- Antipodium


Time for a shake up. All was looking clean and fluid lines at RAFW so without knowing it everyone was waiting for something new. Along comes Antipodium. No need to pay higher rates to famous faces as their original line-up of models is key to their success. Like a modern look at pretty punk the boundaries are tested with jewellery made from tampons. Giving a nod to the sponsers Moxie who make the lady products it will be interesting to see orders for the shows collaborative jewellery designer Make Believe. I love the orthopedic sock and sandal, I want to join a Spanish mourning procession with Antipodium’s mantilla, and maybe I need the A for Amanda necklace. All in all the styling was worthy of any international catwalk, and again I dream about the Sliding Doors movie- what if I became the intern at Antipodium- I may still be in London and walking around with a cropped pixie do….dressed head to toe…happy.  Images: zimbio



I love it when pre-conceptions are proven to be wrong. Last year I heard about Illionaire and my mind wandered into a Chamillionaire filmclip where butt cheeks hung out of gold hot-pants and men were complaining of neck strain from the heavy weight of their gold chains. Well, I am happy to enter into reading the book, and now I adore it and the cover.  I love that Ben Woodcock and Kat Grace the designers sent Emma Balfour down in two amazing swimsuits- she looked comfortable back in combat boots. Another long list of items I want to hang in my new cupboard, the blue leather dress, all bodice bikini tops and fifties high, high bikini bottoms and my total favorite is the grass green Pollock painting in space tee with musk pink panelling.  Images: Vogue

myf back home


Myf ventures home to celebrate her 18th birthday and wavers her International catwalk fee to encourage the newbies to venture and succeed into her super status. According to Miss Frockwriter Myf and Tallulah Morton were best friends in Primary School already day dreaming of their modelling careers, I bet even in their wildest thoughts of unicorns and My Little Pony rides they never thought they would both be this big! I love the way she seems so of the minute yet not too cool to post a photo with her mum on modelfeed. So far Myf has opened in creamy tailoring for Therese Rawsthorne, timeless masculine Zambesi suiting and powder blue for newcomer Dion Lee. Dion Lee is a newcomer battling with much hype and winning. His futuristic uniforms show sharp tailoring which show envelopes of skin. I may not have Myf’s long legs but I love the way hemlines are much shorter this season compared to the usually safe midi length seen in Myer.

Images: Vogue