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es trella


Estrella: a feminine Spanish noun meaning shooting star, movie star or to be born lucky. Not a bad start for a label. Then there is the bonus of dating-in my mind- Australia’s best shoe designer Tristan Blair. This kind of partnership means all shopping can be done without leaving the abode. I love that the lookbook stars a young looking Behati Prinsloo who is dressed in her finest new purchases ready to audition for the next Twighlight, to share the screen with Noot Seer. Stunning with shades of innocence, yet still with sheer panels of rebellious youth.


The list of my must have wardrobe staples starts with the trifector mini- scaly reptilian, scalloped edged and laced up the middle, then ends with a jacket stolen from Duran Duran’s Wild Boys filmclip. Living in Melbourne it’s hard not to wear jackets almost every day of the year, so it would be insane not to purchase the double level pointed shoulder padded jacket and the liquid shine jacket with fringe trim. Might need to buy some more coat hangers.

we love you so

spikeSpike Jonze is getting fanmail which does not really fit in his letterbox. In the form of graffiti, bento box art and one obsessed believer has even taken time to stitch together a quilt . “Where Where The Wild Things Are” is not just a kids movie, it’s like all your fanatsies, dreams and nightmares from growing up is about to be brought to life on the big screen. So cool that it was shot in Melbourne, and yet again my timing was out, I had to decline a costume job on this cult movie to board a plane to London. Yet this site makes up for it a little. Many a Maurice Sendek paraphanilia is documented and there is even a halloween snapshot of Mr Jonze’s pre-school teacher dressed as Max. A DIY cardboard square box Max toy is homework…

the new miss moss


Angled cheeks pointing from heaven to hell, the ability to scare with a stare then in shot two look as sweet as candy and with an air of mystery I think Abbey Lee is an amazing candidate for the job to one day replace Kate Moss. Edgy party kid when in i-D, ethereal angel in Gucci ad and then this surprise, seventies safari socialite with a bouncy perm. 
published: june 2009
Greg Kadel – Photographer
Abbey Lee Kershaw – Model
Katie Mossman – Fashion Editor/Stylist
Frank B – Makeup Artist
Franco Gobbi – Hair Stylist


world first


The Australian Vogue cover we all wished for. Myf Shephard finally books her first Vogue cover and is so happy she swaps her usual prim pout for the biggest smile the fashion world has ever seen. Hands on hips, Myf patriotically poses in Romance Was Born. To make the cover she ditches the doily eyebrows yet shows how the new sweethearts bringing Australian fashion to the forefront, can be wearable as well as show stopping octopus knitted headpieces. Please let this be a top seller to help the end of re-prints. 

Images: TFS, Vogue

blog o week


Give me a spacey, star bright background any day. Faculty of Imagination is brand new to me, and the wallpaper background sky rockets me to the future and reminds me of the past- my roof and a an old boyfriend’s were covered in glow in the dark starlight zone stickers. Just like floating in space. Tao Okamoto is climbing the ladder three rings at a time.  Images: Asianmodels

sell your gold teeth


Whilst waiting for a friend to join me for lunch, for the first time ever I picked up the Business section of a paper.  I saw the gleam of gold teeth and diamonds as Lil John showed of his sparkling crown jewels. It seems the hip hop industry has also been smacked in the face by the recession and big name rappers are choosing cubic zirconia’s over the more exclusive, more expensive diamonds. Not only are chains getting lighter, but also street toughs are being urged to sell their grills for quick cash. Family jewellery companies are accepting pre worn gold and diamond mouth gems and are offering top dollar. Maybe if grills are gone, and chains start disappearing the awful word “Bling” which the older generation love to use to seem cool, will also cease to exist.

tokyo dandy


Another new blog I have to check daily, and another capital city I would love to live in- Tokyo…. Dandy. Although there is a “Translate This Page” function, due to my grasp of only one language, I felt a little lost. What started out as browsing through party pics and viewing an up to the minute update of the street runways of the Harajuku kids, has now become a daily ritual to read about what pop-cult trends are yet again starting in Tokyo. Then there is Terry Richardson joining Big Bang on the cover of Arena Homme Korea. I love a gracelands guy with roses, but even more poignant is a cover starring fruit. Give me a banana ring tone.


Then master of the most copied trends, Alexander Wang stops into Tokyo to party and celebrate his range in the store Aderaide in Aoyoma. The prettiest boy in fashion mingled with the crowd cartoon style, these kids will be buying shoppers full rather than the swarm of DIY Wangettes with scissors making trains in their oversized knitted sweaters.


Even a smily sunglassed Wintour lookalike takes to the party and gives us a little insight as to what Anna would look like retired and without her daily hairstylist perfecting her bob…quite happy and relaxed???



I have a new favorite shop in Melbourne. Left. It’s in Gertrude street and not only is it filled with cult Japanese designers Comme Des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto but also has Gareth Pugh on the way. Quite a coup for a small shop in a country so far from Pugh and his Paris office, yet so suitable for the town The Satorialist described as dressed in too much black and too intellectual. Put a hexagon coat and some buckled platformed no heel booties on me now. What is best about the store is Mia. Any stores in Melbourne with designer wear are stereotypically scary and hard to enter due to the egotistical snobs who stare down their pointed noses until you buy something just to prove them wrong. I still have a Zambesi tulip skirt I bought due to spite. Well, Mia was so helpful and is now in my top five best dressed in Melbourne.


japan RUSSH


After a year of boardroom negotiations Russh finally launched in Japan with Model of that Moment Agyness in 2OO7. I bought the Issue with Iekeliene on the cover back in August when I was in Japan, although I could not read it- Iek had put on the fashion editors heels and styled pages, the cover and 8 pages of fashion inside were shot by Sonny and it was one of the best magazine purchases I have made, a collectable. Now it seems the legacy is over and although Australian Russh has a cult following the Japanese version has ended. Will a petition bring it back?



The calm ring, the whispers necklace and cuprocking number 3 are just a couple of names you may read, or your fingers may scroll over in the “Poetry In Braille” collection by TMOD on The Grand Social one stop shop site. TMOD was all about Smoke and Mirrors for their last collection, but for the latest range Aussie designers Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen have collaborated with Cuprocking artist Andy Uprock. Chunky jewellery comes and goes for me, I could be bedazzled all year round but I tend to stick to my dainty grandma hand me downs, all saphires and Georg Jensen, that was until the latest cover of Oyster and now I want to wrap each finger in a different local in line Metal Couture.

Images: Grazia Australia, The Grand Social