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its getting darker in the cave


A gumby makeshift earring at Costume National and a black texta tattoo asking the Smooth Criminal to R.I.P was revealed at the Paris Comme Des Garcons show causing even more eyes to glance over Jethro Cave and his hobo hair. Such antics Down Under caused more of an infamous stir, and he was losing work and being replaced, yet European catwalks seem to lap it up. Check out an in depth interview by the brooding Melbournian at Ponystep.

Images: Frockwriter,   Black Book

isaac likes


The Bryan Boy from way down South. A fop of curls, Isaac is hanging with the girls -Zippora Seven, Meghan Collison and model girlfriend Kelly Osbourne- eating ice cream and hanging backstage at the Men’s Fashion shows. A long way from his home town of Auckland New Zealand, Isaac is blogging royalty even get up close and personal with Usher. I love his style of commentary, more like an intimate e-mail to a best friend so it makes you feel included, just wish I was included enough to be right there in Paris hanging with his homies.

fringe benefits


Abbey Lee Kershaw had some gap-tooth potential, yet a simple fringe trim has sent her into a whole new fashion world. If Natasha Poly is the super to replace feline featured Christy Turlington, Anja Rubik has stepped into Claudia Shiffers heels, Coco Rocha is the strongest to take hold of Naomi Campbell’s spot, Lara Stone is The Body Elle Macpherson, Agyness is of course a peroxide crop of Linda Evangelista and I believe it’s only a matter of time before Abbey jumps the ranks and steals Kate Moss’ leather fringed tiara in the new line-up of supermodels.


Terry Richardson the shy kid turned black and white peep show photographer is gathering street cred worldwide and taking Abbey along for the Harley Davidson ride. Thick kohl eyes, that starstruck agape mouth and the newly cut Parisian fringe allows Miss Lee to stop idling at the unlucky number 13 position and start warming up for the top ten with this Vogue Nippon editorial. Not bad for a young twenty year old who’s big break came in 2OO4 winning the Girlfriend Model Competition. Bias aside she is my favourite. I love a tough stance with golden stare attitude.

Images: Do Not Disturb

drooling for DRIES


I have tried to skip over Men’s Fashion Week, just eagerly awaiting September. Don’t get me wrong, I am often seen drifting over to the male section when shopping, but as far as the shows go I am not too fussed. Then I saw this boy on boy snapshot with a rare insight to the never seen smiling teeth of Cole Mohr. He is a standout in a sea of scultptured jaws and bustling six packs. Dries Van Noten do a fine collar and blazer but it’s the beautiful hand woven Indian pants I want in a girls extra small..please.

Images: 1O Magazine

pastels and coin belts at disneyland


Michael Jackson had an amazing technicolour life. Watching old footage of his filmclips so many memories come flooding back. I had totally forgotten about the coolest ever child star Macaulay and MJ. Just a couple of dudes dressed to kill eating pop corn and wearing shades at Disneyland. How surreal. The beginning of the nineties and so minty green, musky pink and lemon for Culkin, yet this is MJ’s red shirt and ray ban phase.


How cute is the picture of Macaulay and a young Elijah Wood. I worked with Elijah on a film in London and he was the sweetest gentleman. Rumour has it MC is heading to Perth for a film. I hope he is ok after the untimely death of the king of pop.

we were a part of the rhythm nation


I heard one of the million rumours going around, that Justin Timberlake may be instigating a special guest tour dedicated to Michael Jackson. I hope it’s true and I would love to see little sister Janet back in Military jackets and baseball caps to get back into the Rhythm Nation. Poor softly spoken Janet was shooting a movie in Atlanta when she heard the devastating news.

lost then found


Emile de Ravin is that strange combination of Kirsten Dunst dimples meets girl next door web-cam stripper. This honey blonde from Mount Eliza in my home state has become public enemy number one as she rolls in the grassy knolls with Twilight pale skin beautiful boy Robert Pattinson. I must admit I am one of the thousands who have fallen in love with the book. Totally teenager, yet the story of star crossed lovers takes me back to high school where my friend Angela spent a whole week filling an exercise book with three little worlds…I Love Ben. It was a forbidden love as her boyfriends name was actually Peter, and Ben loved Jennifer. 


I saw the film in amongst pimply teens and even tweens at the Moonlight Cinema at the Botanical Gardens and camera flashes went off every time Edward Cullen was on screen. I thought he was cute, not my type then I read the book and am obsessed. Up to New Moon, and I love that art imitates life which again imitates film. Robert is dating Emile his co-star for the movie Remember Me, whilst his Twilight co-star Kristen is said to be so jealous. Ahh young love.

new VOGUE cover


Australian Vogue covers always instigate such angry arguments in TFS forums. Disgust when Chief Clements allows a re-print to grace the cover, then when she tries something different like new girl Rosie Tupper to front- another sort of backlash. Then there was the Shocking Pink July cover where she had the audacity to let the beautiful Myf smile. Personally I tend to agree with a lot of the confusion as to the process in which they arrive at Front Cover shots, they not only forget to entice the buyer but are also not necessarily captivating. We have the models and the talented young designers and yet viewers are disappointed every time. The August cover is another rebellious choice in that Kelsey van Mook is full length head to nail stiletto toe -Gucci. I am not a fan of the crimped hair and black rock look, and full length warrants a featured story so this cover is to quote the late great MJ Bad, but at least it’s not a re-print.

Image: TFS

i just cant control my feet


I remember the exact moment my little brother opened the wrapping paper. It was the first christmas when we finally got some- what we thought- adult toys. He ripped the paper and I saw the Thriller cassette and I immediately was jealous. I can’t recall my cassette tape, probably something girlie.. maybe Olivia Newton John, as I faked my excitement I planned how I could convince my younger brother to trade. We shared the music for a little while, making up dance routines until it was safely placed in my hideaway cupboard. 1982 with a bullet! As I sit watching a Michael Jackson Rage special I feel very teary. I am really sad I never saw him live. My friend Lynnette saw him as a young girl in Singapore with her brother as a chaperone. A story to tell the grandkids. 


The diehard fans must feel like they lost a sibling, black or white. His music was so influential, I feel for the lucky kids who had comeback tour tickets. My dad just told me he saw a friend of my little brothers on the news who met Michael Jackson when he was about 8. They had old footage of the Melbourne boy who had cancer and Michael dancing and rapping together. Despite the rumours that is such a cool story. Even a little sick kid at the bottom end of the world life changes from a quick momentous visit. R.I.P

camille piazza


Just a couple of Australia’s upcoming finest on tour taking friendly snapshots in Easter hats. Charlotte Lohmann, Sarah Stephens and new modelfeed blogger Camille hitting the London- i think- streets. Check out how dressing full length in black only needs a backwards baseball cap, a seventies halo of tiny flowers or a Mel & Kim flat sun hat to Couture up an MOD pavement look.


Camille has a Penelope Cruz in a Woody Allen movie come hither beauty, but those lips and Brooke Shields Blue Lagoon hair just need one Italian Vogue editorial to send her into the big time.