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flash is the pan?


So I know who Cory Kennedy is, I have seen that goofy pout and ripped jean short hoochie look which has swept the teen style worldwide for years, I have been jealous of her Jeremy Scott attire and the parties she attends..but I can confess I have actually never read her blog until now. Her profile has quietened now that every young beautiful and fashionable girl can display candid snaps but her headings and musing are actually quite profound..much to my surprise. Not sure it makes my daily list of top five reads, but she is alive and kicking high with her Docs still taking over the world one dance step at a time.

cash and colour


It’s not just Italian Elle as seen at Fashion Copious doing the nineties Benetton thing, Miss NY society Donna Karen has brought the rainbow to top the ladies in black and shake up the streets. There is nothing about the clothes in this campaign that take my fancy. I love the style of the ballerinas I see walking in the city with a slicked back bun but I myself would never wear a crossover wrap top no matter what colour it comes in. The reason I added this DKNY picture is I am a sucker for a model lineup. All looking stern and innocent but no doubt guilty of something. Clever enough to take the money even though most will never again be seen in DKNY. Then I noticed little Australian in the all star line…. Alyona Osmanova, Anna Gushina, Lyndsey Scott, Rosie Tupper, Giedre Dukauskaite, Daiane Conterato, Liu Wen and Diana F. Rosie is almost unrecognisable and was almost written off until the 5 foot 8 girl from Perth landed the Vogue Australia cover.

Images: FantasyIsland

i LOVE psycho


Shy self portraits hiding under bangs, B&W do-it-yourself ideas and random tough photos of Lil Wayne. I love this blog. All it takes is a comment left on my blog and we become immediate penpals despite the time zone issues. Sharon from California has great monotone style with an ability to wear different coloured knee highs and manage to not look like Punky Brewster.


Just like the half man half lady costume that cuts a dress and a suit down the middle, Psycho takes two pairs of jeans- a black and a white pair and shows how to make a high class street mime trouser look like a catwalk masterpiece.


A little section is dedicated to a trend that never dies in her home town, the body printed tee. Muscle tees, kitche apron tees and big breasted tees are the norm, yet Miss Psycho shows some more Margiela style creations. I want the above. So cool.

a new avril, no converse neccessary


Darren has a way of capturing sweet innocence. Cold after midnight is more like a boyfriends blog showing off how beautiful his girlfriend, true love despite the girl goes from Avril Alexander to Hannah Glasby to Kate Dilliwaard to Danah Marks. Personal work mixed in with previews to his photoshoots around the world.


I saw Avril and Hannah on the Kerri-Ann Show and thought doomsday had hit and they were stuck modeling for daytime TV. After seeing these shots I realised maybe Kerri-Ann pays the big bucks and it allows these beautiful young girls to pose candidly.



LOVER loves Miss Berg and the love is mutual. Behind the inspiration to Lover’s Sacred Hearts College collection is Swedish sweetheart Miss Filippa Berg. So for her task as muse she allows a label on the other side of the world to borrow her style, in exchange they send her some free stuff and to complete the deal she in turn sends over some garden party snaps to show of the wares. The world in which a bata system amongst artists clothes the world and produces pretty pictures. I am a size 8 and up for the challenge.

Lover Blog

alice in wonderland


How creepy crawly Edward Scissor Hands magical does this shot look from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. I worked with Mia Wasikowska on the crocodile horror Rogue and she was one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. We were away shooting and young Mia was upset because she was missing her high school prom. The costume department was so sad at her dilema that we spent a week organising a make shift prom with the whole crew down in the country. I gave Mia a choice of five 80′s prom dresses. It was ladies choice so Miss Wasikowska had an array of the male dominated crew to pick a date, and she chose the handsome Justin who if we were part of a teen flick would have been the captain of the football team. I am so glad she is Alice and I cant wait to see the Wonderland.




Last weekend I went to see Cloud 19, an exhibition my almost famous photographing friend JoDuck was a part of. Jo has shot the Melbourne unisex label Limedrop‘s lookbook, and for this show she booked my favourite new model Katie Healy and took this amazing shot. A sneak peak at their upcoming range.


The cloud prints are beautiful. I then inquired about purchasing the midriff top only to hear I had to wait. I love a matching couple, and maybe with some steady convincing I could force my boyfriend to escort me to the Worsley when we visit London for scones and tea in our Limedrop uniforms. Then I can steal his blazer and wear it to the Columbia Road flower market. How divine.

love story


I never knew Ali McGraw began working in 1960 as a photographic assistant at Harper’s Bazaar, and as an assistant to the legendary fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, at Vogue. Miss McGraw soon began to model. The shiny centre parted beauty became a household name when she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in the tear jerker Love Story. Ali has that beautiful air and grace of American yacht club royalty. I love the pale high waisted jeans, plaited belt and staple t-shirt look. Her seventies lightly backcombed half hairdo is how my mother wore her hair on her wedding day. I love this style but have bangs so its impossible.

australian vogue- 50 years… the cover AUG 5TH


Only nine days to go until the momentous occasion hits the news stands. Vogue Australia celebrates fifty years. The forums are already a clutter with predictions as to who will grace the cover. The Vogue site refers to Editor in Chief Kirstie Clements casually remarking that there is a 30-page shoot with local supermodels Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee. This cover and the pages behind it have a lot to live up to. Flipping over old covers I notice that Vogue Australia is going Anna Wintour Safe and it’s definitely time to get in a more Katie Grand approach. The covers I have chosen are all featuring Australian talents and not the illegal re-prints that often take food from the plates of native beautiful girls.


People in the forum are pleading for a cover with not a celebrity in sight, and the majority wants a cluster of the young Australian supers, with maybe a designer or stylist in the mix. Then there are a few fashion folk reminiscing about the good old days wanting entrapanual Elle to take a stance.


This above montage shows my favorites. Sophie Monk is far too Paris Hilton for my liking but that cover is so daring and Venice beach boardwalk I couldn’t resist adding it. Most of the others show Miss Gemma Ward. My daydream cover would start her comeback, alongside Myf (not smiling!) Abbey Lee, Catherine and a sixteen year old newcomer no-one has heard of picked up off the street on the way to location. Hopeful yes, more predictable is two covers- one with Abbey Lee and one Catherine. Going through the Vogue archives I realise how these images stay with you for years and replace the space in your brain reserved for maths and history homework with beautiful models. Oh the pressure on Miss Clements.

Images: Vogue

what’s NEXT?


Abbey Lee is next. What caught my eye in this Harpers Bazaar editorial shot by Anthony Ward was top on my list of what’s next for my purchasing. Leather bike shorts. I just bought some jersey black bike shorts perfect for going under all of my too short hoochie dresses. Any suggestions as to who is doing them, pretty sure Alexander Wang might be the man behind these but i am sure I have seen them by an Australian designer..?

Images: Models