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No! No! No! i mean yes


Male models have crept back to my tastes of youth. High school drop outs hanging at train stations, spring valley plastic bongs and trying hard to love heavy metal full ball. Back then all you wanted was your boyfriend to spray paint your name inside a love heart out the back of the blue light disco. Now it’s more about your carved initials in a home made tattoo. I totally love the nonchalance of Jethro Cave in this cover. It sums up his rise to the top. He has pushed party girl Tallulah Morton to the side of the cobrasnake frame, strolled along some catwalks if they don’t interupt his schedule, posed for Slimane and now yawned for the seventh cover of New Zealand’s No. Bring on the new breed.


stuff the suitcase


The time has come to buy a few amazing Australian pieces to lie flat in my mere 20 kg case to head over to London and Paris fashion week. At least a week of planning and sitting on top of the case to fit every necessity in. The dilemma. We are in the height of printed splashes of colour for the hotter months and Britain is on the verge of snowing as usual. The question is how can I layer Manning Cartell and keep warm. The cut-out trendy spider dress, the dusty pink bemberg short, my favorite Brenda Walsh bill & ben tunic, and the picador lace blazer can work with wool tights and silk thermals but unfortunately I may have to buy the trap tank and easyrider brassiere for my fearless friend Alice who is not afraid of the cold or going braless with a mesh top.

4th & bleeker’s alexandra spencer


The power of the self portrait blog. Models with spare time and killer freebie outfits put me off posting snaps of my bulging ready to pop wardrobe. Well, Miss Alexandra Spencer of 4th & Bleeker was booking just enough to get by. Not sure if I am speculating, but around the time her blog started getting some universal attention, Chic added her as a new face and she went from daily posts to jet setting and too busy to talk in a matter of minutes.


If she was just a pretty pouting face, I would find this just another Aussie blog, but she is forever doing it herself and making clothes which are quite impressive.

Images: Chic

dog CAKE


Fashion weeks are in short sight, special occasion outfits have been purchased and the plane ticket is booked, so why oh why do the onset caterers have to ruin my life! Just check out this birthday Dog Cake which was just one of the three cakes on offer with home made sausage rolls and capsicum soup and all of this just craft services after the smorgesboard lunch. How amazing is the frizzy stringy chocolate hair, too cute to slice but crew members had devoured most by the time I came around.

J.D: The extreme always seems to make an impression.


Veronica Sawyer: Watch it Heather, you might be digesting food there.
Heather McNamara: Yeah, where’s your urge to purge?
Heather Duke: Fuck it.

Heather Chandler: You wanted to be a member of the most powerful clique in school. If I wasn’t already the head of it, I’d want the same thing.

I heard the pass the notes rumours that Heathers was about to sequel, well almost true a little chinese whispery though. Fox just announced the sharing names students of Westerburg High are coming back to the smaller screens of TV land and Mark Rizzo (Men in Trees) and Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City), will be penning the series. I hope to some God that Winona “I say we just grow up, be adults and die” comes back as a parent.

lyn & tony


Lyn Balzer & Tony Perkins (Lyn & Tony) photographic duo, editors at large at Karen Magazine and just to fill out the resume Jewellery designers. A small favour of helping out their friend designer Konstantina Mittas by directing her first fashion week show, then turned them into crocheting and knitting addicts, creating a hand made jewellery range.


These hand knitted gems are not going to be sold by senior citizens on a card table mixed in with home made jams at a craft market like most amazing crochet, instead it will be sold at Colette in Paris, Poepke in Sydney, Alice Euphemia in Victoria and Dilettante in Perth. I missed the velvet ribbon with oval pendant choker stage favored by Alyssa Milano, hence have never actually donned neck hugging jewellery but I am totally smitten with the royal blue hand crafted collar.

Images: Karen

rik lee


Custard tarts and busted hearts. This Melbourne grey lead pencil drawing artist has worked for Nylon USA, Vibe, Vice Australia, Girlfriend, The Sunday Telegraph, Mooks, Stussy, Lee Jeans, and Oyster magazine. Pen lines seem to be making a way back into advertisers hearts. Pencil thin moustache’s are big in Melbourne. This battle out meet you at the drive in and we will fight over the beautiful roller girl drawing is ready to go poster form and be blu tacked to your pale pink bedroom. Thanks to Wamp Nation for the intro!

woody allen untitled london project


Even the worst, critically attacked Woody Allen movie, is better than watching even just a trailor for an upcoming box office hit rom-com…anything coming from America with two romantic leads seems to make me angry. I always have expectations of leaving the movie theatre happy after years of studying Textiles and only watching depressing arthouse movies. This is why Woody is still ruling it. I had friends in London who worked on Match Point and loved every moment on set. Such a skilled director he trusts his muses and tries to do long scenes in one take wonders so he can continue to live a normal Jazz filled life. For some ridiculous reason Nicole Kidman said No to his offer, but her sidekick and I think superior friend Naomi Watts is now shooting his latest film back in London. Wish I was there! To this day Diane Keaton as Annie Hall is still a reference for stylists popping up decades after the debut.



Put on a Happy Face
Vogue Paris Sept 09
Shot by: Bruce Weber
Model: Sasha Pivovarova and Carmen Dell Orefice
Realisation: Carine Roitfeld

A new blog to check daily. I love the minimalist format, the chosen few editorials, and the honest love hate opinions. I love it because Maddie’s tastes are so different from mine, she chooses editorials more glamourous so I can appreciate Eva in Versace that I may usually miss. An obsessed blogger from California who in no way has a fake tan I love Lauren Conrad point of view. Best and most exciting is this young blogger is still in high school and only 15!! Amazing, I was too busy being boy crazy and diary decorating to be too engrossed in fashion..I guess blogging is the new Dear Diary.

house of scissors


Set me up to a YSL drip and let me die in peace. Happy. Sweet Dreams. Goodbye…I love it when you finally have time to skip along the yellow brick road and discover a whole new blog world and thus relish in new photographers you have never heard of. Christian Tijeras from Mexico City took me into the land of Oliver Trillion a former violinist and very hard to google man. Nothing quite like when chemistry, biology and all things using the left side of your brain entwine with the artistic side to go from nerd with glasses and a high bun, to pull the hair down and take off the glasses immediate hot cheerleader.