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to steal the show


Stolen Girlfriends Club. Three surfer boys from Auckland, New Zealand rip some holes in black tights, attract the attention of Rumi from fashion toast and develop a cult like troupe of obeying fans who happen to be quite famous…. Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth, Peaches Geldof, Ashlee Simpson, Harley Viera’ Newton and The Cobra Snake. The styling and layered knitwear is surprisingly refreshing a reminds me of my favorite polygyamist Rhonda with her mix of mormon cover ups and Utah State throw ons. Check out FT for some close ups.

Images: nzfw

magna carta


Hailed as a top 10 newcomer for the Spring/Summer ’09 shows with appearances in Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, and Balenciaga, Stephanie is a roller coasting model who is chocolate coated flavour of the month then hybernates, then emerges just in time for the Milan shows. Miss Carta has one of those amazing faces which could tell stories from numerous different countries.


Stephanie once kept a blog and I wish she kept it up because last May she posed for this long Balenciaga legged photo capturing a non cobrasnaked moment whilst on a set in Seville, Spain. This girl was drawn for Nicolas Ghesquière.

Images: altamira, style, because

anish kapoor


Do I have The Shining or is it pure horror coincidence that I visited the most hyped exhibition in London the same day I saw the Jack Nicholson thriller for the first time. The first step towards the Anish Kapoor show at the Royal Academy and you can see your bright eyed reflection ten times over in the mirrored bubbles stacked sky high.


Once inside the crowd is a mix of grey haired bow ties and Missoni knitwear casting aspersions and looking up and pointing to the grand pigment and reflective pieces, turning down their hearing aides in the shooting wax cannon room. Extreme white walls were splattered with what reminded me of congealed blood in a horror movie, more closely derivative of The Shinning when the slow emerging thick block of stained jam toast is squeezed through the doorway. This obscene scale of art is exactly why I miss London.

Images: royal academy

forward, back


A postcard forum of just a few of the scuffed catwalks Abbey Lee has walked along and this is just London and the start of Milan. It shows that even sitting out a year does nothing to tarnish her booking card.


I love her square jaw canvas that completely transforms depending on excess black kohl or nude eyeliner. With Paris still to come Abbey will soon show if she is top 10 material.

Images: style

10 times 2 =


Backstage at the Christopher show I was too scared to take a picture of Alla K reading the latest issue of 10 in which she is the cover star. Of course I regret my shyness now, yet I did manage to sneak past 4 security guards to get my own copy. As I am on the run and have wedges in the suit case, with not an inch to return with even one magazine I have flash photographed two amazing editorials starring Miss Myf.


During Rosemont Fashion Week Myf and her milk white skin shot two editorials, the top one accompanying an Azzedine Alaïa interview and the second showing off Christian Dior by John Galliano wares. Alla and Myf share the magazine split down the middle. Pixie versus masculine eyebrows. Quite a good fashion fight.

new Nasir


At the beginning of the southern summer an English boy approached me at a hip hop night and used his love for Lady GaGa as a reason to chat me up. I was disgusted and so rude at his mainstream bad taste. Months later the Lady appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show decked out in an orbiting head piece designed by the young milliner Nasir Mazhar. Her neck was crouched and she answered the questions clearly acting as if Ellen was the strange one due to the lack of her shining headwear.  This was the exact moment I about turned changing my tune to beat to the pop pop pop sounds coming out of the zombie which is GaGa. A total hypocrite and I admit it.


My Australian friend Paulie is now working for Nasir and assisted in the torn bread trail which lead to another amazing collection at London Fashion Week. ’Gangsta’s, Pimps, Gimpas and Ho’s’ -Photography by Saga Sigurdardottir and featured on my favorite English blog… by Dazed and Confused employee Anna Trevelelyan, I saw her at fashion week and I blushed with nerves. How silly.

Images: anna trevelyan

cheap (i wish) and chic


Last year at Battersea car boot sale I saw a golden glisten out of the corner of my eye.. a black baby bucket bag with gold circlular chains spelling out Moshcino. For seven pounds it was happiness on a string. Then when I visited the Moschino homeland I found the exact same vintage bucket bag in brown and much bigger and now to finish the Russian Doll collection I need a giant red one…and some tassle gold chains, a NIENTE t-shirt and a chain cropped jacket. I love this collection.

Images: style

greek goddess of spirits and curses


My sandy blonde friend Sophie and I met two years ago when we studied a short jewellery course at London College of Fashion. Now I am back in the land of Bar B Q’s and she is linking chains and dangling charms making exquisite boned keep sakes and heir looms for the future sharing an exhibition with the new kids on the block for ARAE.


Katja Guenther’s wet liquid surface textile prints had my hand reach out like a twitch. One of my main regrets in life is not studying textiles in Europe when I had the chance, choosing warehouse parties and boys. At RMIT I was constantly taught how to design marketable stripes and knitted spots for a tiny niche market, and then I see the fabrics at Arae making rain proof tsunami waves around bodies and I feel sick with jealousy.


Florencia Kozuch is a 23-year-old Saint Martins student who is already exhibiting her graduate range based on the 9,000-year old South American tribe the Onas. In touching distance the looped knits and long haired jackets are done to a turn.


Louise Langkilde Larsen from the Royal College of Art needs closer inspection. Hounds tooth weaves are modernised with what looks like mini white tiled stickers and mainstream classics are overlayed with isosceles triangled jackets and vests.


The headpiece is Florencia’s, the figure grazing leggings are Katya’s and the crocheted holes and spiderleg tassles are Sara Bro-jørgensen. Funny how one small exhibition in the east end which is typical on this side of the world can be a once in a million for a sand and tim tam girl from below.

Photographer Patrick Lindblom
Make up Yuka Hirata
Hair Soichi Inagaki
Styling Machiko Abe
Direction Sarah Michelle

what next?


Rachel Rutt ruled the big apple, Abbey and Myf showed up for London and my prediction is Skye will storm in Paris. Funny how each destination favours a certain model look. Clean and fresh for the first stop, tough and angry eyebrows number two, Milan is for the main money makers and Paris is all about the pretty. Garance catches the sparkle in Miss Stracke’s eyes in the grey of London, wait til she hits France.