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“La Demimondaine”


People from all around the world are picking up their video camera, filming fashion then splicing the stock to create editorials. New York based multimedia company Vision On have recently collaborated with Flair Magazine to film Austrain model Iris Strubegger draped in Cartier, Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Alexis Bittar for the 14-page print story in the December Issue. There is not a better fairy tale trend for me in existence, working in costume missing my fashion magazine job. Drawing inspiration from the cabaret style Marlene Dietrich era, where every frame is an opulent moody piece of art. Now I need a fashion film to come to Melbourne…instead of holding my breath I have started to pen my own.

kiss of the spider woman


When I was in London, Jonas Bresnan was pretty much the resident Grazia Beauty photographer. Slightly more full length in this British Harpers editorial with fellow Australian Vanessa Coyle styling, but it’s obvious he knows how to get good face. The opening page is beautiful. Elements of Guy Bourdin back in the day if his focus was headgear rather than footwear. I always love a hot coloured highlight in a shoot.

neon lights and nickel width spaces


Excerpt: “Its really happening! this is such an exciting project for me! I’m designing a fashion line with General Pants in Australia called NEON HART. This is the wall they made for the press release of NEON HART that went out today, we are planning to launch it early next year. I will be donating a percentage of my profits to the children’s charity Destiny Rescue.”  I love Jess Hart. I have crushed on gap teeth since meeting the long haired rebel drop out Tellison when I was 14. Told to close the gap she refused and is now coming back from her early day 2007 Guess billboards. Check out yet another blonde model blog from this fair land.

red, blonde and the palest of grey


Feline squint, long tiny roman nose and hot golden skin. Catherine McNeil is stunning. I prefer her as a romantic brunnette but Vogue is on recovery with three original covers in a row. Elyse Taylor, Abbie Cornish and now Miss McNeil taking front page positions, looking healthy and dodging self harm rumours.

image: tfs

free to air


Melbourne’s number one institutional blogger Fashion Hayley is one lucky lady, she got to go behind the scenes with my favorite Melbourne label T-V and witness styling by Ryan Lobbo and camera clicking by Nick Blair. Last lookbook it was Katie Healey and so to keep up the high standard this year Monika and Ingrid flew down Samantha Harris. Australia’s new big thing. I have a hefty collection of T-V and now it seems I want at least one item from Hayley’s exclusive sneak peak into the 2010 collection.


Fluro see through lime, floral long sleeve all in one, wrap around fox and the tapestry knitting needles bag are written in stone but this is just a taste. None of this range is intentionally winter, for the freezing months so I want it now.

pleated pugh and yellow tones


Ellen Rogers shoots Rachel Rutt for the latest issue of i-D. Styled by Matthew Josephs, Rachel  gets mystical alongside Nichola, Dan Felton, Yasmina Dexter and Yousef. I love a tainted old film stock look and resurgance of photographers who capture filmic moments in a still.


Check out her site for a glimpse into her film making skills. I need to stop talking about other fashion shorts and do my own! Not long now before every editorial comes with footage, I love a new fad.

Images: thestolenorchid

white of dove, and a birds nest


Stacey Grant has just been signed as a future face at Chic Management. I first noticed her Pride, Prejudice and Prada face at the ANZFW shows, most predominately backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club show. Like Myf, Stacey has a strong frowning look which is eyebrow looking down the nose to the barrel of the camera. I love her bird’s nest flowing locks.

image: tfs

a junction and many a lifesaver


“The new book that sheds light on the fashion and faces of Australia’s most famous suburb.” Lisa K Smith once wrote for Elle and is is now in charge of the copy, other contributers include photographer Christopher Morris who back in the day shot for The Face and Dazed, and Emma Scott-Child who in her spare time designs books for Damien Hirst. The online preview gives a teaspoon taste of what’s to come, interviews with Ellery designer Kym (above in fur), Dan Single of Ksubi and Christine Centenera Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. For $39.95 I can’t tell if it’s more for the tourists or Bondi residents with local pride.

lollypop in the mouth makes a heart shape


Chadwick Tyler shot my favorite shot of Amy Finlayson for his first gallery exhibition, Tiberius, at the Honey Space Gallery in New York. Amy has been around since the fellow Perth girl Gemma Ward days, but despite her Blythe Doll pout and Devon Aoki heart shaped face it’s only now she has been on the red carpet with Nicole Trufino that Chic Management has taken her on. I love her look but I was hard stretched to find a pic for my post. So beautiful but yet to reach her climatic photo face.

Images: tfs

we are handsome


Limited edition. Made by hand. Printed on very fine quality Italian lycra. A colaboration was set up between Oscar & Elvis Swimwear and People Like Us for a concept range and the end result in pin-up pretty.


More for laying beside rooftop pools than jumping off cliffs into the ocean, but perfect to jetski around on. I am ready to wear the black beauty runs along the outback scenario as the heat wave continues in Melbourne.