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mariah means christmas


I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There’s just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is…

I think maybe both Mariah and I want just a shake more for christmas…fingers crossed.

peace out it’s christmas time…..

time for a discount…..


Foxyman Nadia on the right and her friend Cami have a new blog…. Discount.  Like me, Nadia has tried her best to avoid the self portrait what am I wearing style posts… but like most its only a matter of time. Cami’s eyes are focused on the very intense floor and Nadia is trying to show herself as Robin Williams in the Woody Allen Film “Deconstructing Harry” where he feels a little off due to appearing out of focus. Outfits out in my home town running a casual muck.. check out the blog for more…..


I have already posted Nadia’s range but today was the first time I saw Cami’s mind blowing grad collection Smashbox. Photographer Peter Ryle, model Brooke Vardi and Bridie O’Leary was in charge of the tribal mime make up. Any kids doing world worthy collections like these usually get snaffled and move to Europe and I feel they are one step away from Berlin Fashion Week.


Not sure if this is for sale, but I want it. Hard to believe it’s just a grad collection. If Thierry Mugler uncled Rick Owens, even then their collection may not be as hot as this, and these pics are the mere highlights I could squeeze in to my rectangle blog box.

cut and paste


OK. So maybe a little Karen obsessed at the minute but it’s more of a book to be perched alongside “Techno Textiles” and “Fuck You Too.”  This editorial shows off photographer GL Wood, hair by Linh Nguyen and make-up by Roshar and modeled by sweetness Mick @ Wihelmina. Fashion Editor David Widjaja has some seriously eclectic tailoring going on in this ed, but the above Mason Martin Margiela ensemble brings a sad tear to my eye. A friend of a friend heard a great tale of Martin and his hidden identity…. a well dressed man in Paris on public transport noticed a simple plain guy who had some how saved up to buy the latest Margiela blazer and so the fashion kid without knowing complemented the creator and the wearer.

image by me and my camera

tiny dancer- not hold me closer tony danza


Yet another brilliant editorial from the latest issue of Karen. Photographer Richard Freeman, fashion by Pip Edwards and model Emilia dodging the police line-up due to looking completely in disguise compared to the Lyn and Tony shoot. Not sure if the grainy overtones from my camera skills adds or detracts… maybe I should invest in a scanner.


This also shows the darker less vibrant skills of stylist Pip Edwards. I urge everyone to buy this issue as you will soon realise how beautiful all the shoots are.

images if u can call them that.. by me

goes together like a horse and carriage


My new years resolution is to look like a pinch of salt more classy version of Kelly Bundy, my friend Alice has already been through a Peggy stage but with my recession roots and a micro mini already in a very similar black background with rose print I am on my way.


I love the ironic cross on a black leather choker to illuminate her halter tops, and the way her midriff tops almost meet the high waisted tube skirts with biker belts she once wore before the actress became Americas sweetheart… I guess she is ok but I miss her hootchie days. PS Alice if you came home the weather is so good we could pull off the Bundy family together.

images: google

royal blue leggings from space…


I bought the new Karen magazine as a present, I loved the cover and before wrapping had a quick flick. I contemplated skipping lunch to then be able to keep the mag but decided it’s legal to just buy myself a copy. I was blown away by not only how shine in your eye glossy the shoots were but also the bi-annual was a bumper. Oyster and Russh have plaguing rumours and now is when Karen sneaks up to steal the baton to try and win the race. 94 pages of ten fashion shoots…. the new Vogue.


Karen Editors at Large and Photographers Lyn and Tony snap the scene and showcase by 2, their handmade jewellery collection with Fashion Editor Marian Simms and model Emilia Nilsson @ chadwick. My photographs don’t do this stunning shoot justice, and the majority of the fashion is local and therefore you can actually shop from the magazine.


I already fell in love with the combination of Emilia and Lyn & Tony when they collaborated for their debut lookbook. Still trying to build up the courage the bleach my eyebrows to match my big bangs.

fuzzy images by me

enter alexis, stage right


Following the amazing Karen magazine December cover which completely contradicted their bright fresh back catalogue, this is the editorial to boot featuring the work of Australian photographer David Standish, NZ stylist Kate Ruth and Russian model Alice Fadeeva. “Enter Alexis” showcases many London based favorites, Spijkers and Spijkers, Hannah Marshall and Manish Arora. I love the spiderweb Morticia shot with red turban by Lyall Hakaraia and the lack of re-touching on Alice’s skin which makes it so beautiful.

fuzzy pics by me

house work makes you ugly


I second the motion and try to avoid it like the plague, especially if I was lucky enough to be dressed head to toe in World. New Zealand designers have a very directional force, ranges have a running theme and each piece is married to the next like a big Mormon family. I especially love the spotted suit and could almost search for a 9-5 just to wear it. The licorice allsort mix of black, white, yolk yellow, lime and sherbert pink is beautiful.

green in the shade of lime sherbert


Visiting the NGV Together Alone exhibition featuring Australian and NZ fashion talents I discovered another label I should know who live right on my Melbourne doorstep.. MaterialByProduct. I love a range dipped in so much green they chose a flame haired model with pale skin to support their globally aware garments. In the exhibition was an exquisite box-woven leather jacket which made me look around in a whiplash as I had to hold back from wanting to pull it off the mannequin to take a closer look and accidentally put it on and try for size.