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More of the wide eyed Zippora, this time less cute and more hauntingly elfin in this Zambesi advertisement. Nothing beats an outdoors Blair Witch forrest campaign, especially fitting for the label famous for layering. One of my first ever big purchases was a tulip Zambesi skirt hours before Melbourne Fashion Week many years ago and it still stands the test of time. Classic with a touch of Margiela.

image: 1am



Nom-d another iconic NZ label to impress with their Winter collection Turncoats. Above is a campaign image, and as a total contradiction of colours below are the film stills from the range. Last season Hannah Holman stood straight for the Summer lookbook, this range is more about the look of the tribe.


The stills only give a small taste of the beautiful short film. Long dolly shots remind me of the hallways in The Shining. Young girls skipping, playing hand claps and home haircuts. The new style of showing collections via moving image combines my two loves. From the innocence of pale clothing to the cult like worship to the sun, Zippora and her messy haired blonde clones rise to the Forrest in a medi-eval troupe… a story telling transformation which needs to be seen…. Check out the film here

images: 1am

kate sylvester….


New Zealand’s Kate Sylvester’s AW collection Diamond Dogs is all in the juxtaposed styling. Georgia Fowler pouts with jet black lips for the campaign, but its the entire range that needs to be witnessed. On a rack the fabrics are pretty but the lookbook needs to be studied. In the Mood For Love cheong sam fabric dresses alongside military cardigans and heavy weight jewellery. Safari belts and floor length tulle peach gowns.

image: 1am

lonely hearts…. club… yeah


I have been living and breathing a short American film, designing costumes to keep 2 directors an American producer and the powers that be in the US happy, creating a girl next door sexy look hence the lack of blog entries. It’s finally finished and I wish I could show some pics…. instead weeks ago I wanted to highlight some amazing New Zealand campaigns… many featuring their Clemence Poesy Zippora Seven. Lonely Hearts are fast becoming a favorite and I absolutely love the new sheer line of lingerie.

image: 1am

white boxed edges….polaroid


Gen Kay has such a distinctive style. Cool flat backgrounds, new young clean faces and she always frames a moment in time. Alongside her short films her recent Tokyo polaroids are all scanned for your viewing pleasure on her blog.


Irina’s bowl haircut has taken a while to grow on me, I once tried the cropped toddler style to much ridicule but especially in these tough smoking shots I have finally come around.

images: gen kay

general pants


More Zippora… she has hopped into a big General Pants denim soup bed. My favorite style of campaign is when many models feature all the styles at once and this blue ensemble makes the hip huggers look comfy enough for bed. I love the bed hair and lo-fi make up.

image: tfs

welcome home…


My lady friend Alice just left London and has finally moved home, and as a true friend she amazingly squeezed in my latest Christopher Kane orders into her measly 20 kg allowance suit case! Much Love!

images: me & style

the blackmail


Sometimes I have no idea why cool local blogs take me so long to find…. an excerpt from a new favourite…….”Tulia Wilson cemented her feet firmly into the fashion industry through stints at Zambesi and Ksubi. Now she has branched out to create her own label, Self Titled. March marks the debut of Self Titled, and the collection brings a refreshing element of effortless chic. Using luxurious fabrics and textures, clean lines and a fantastic eye for structural detail, Tulia brings us pieces that will remain in the wardrobe for years. Adriana Giuffrida speaks with Tulia about her creative past, the present and the future of Self Titled.”

Interviews and topics spanning not just fashion with a nice clean blackground. A new daily read. Check it!

images: the blackmail

back with a bang


More of the fifties pin up Sarah Stephens. The Wrangler Campaign AW 2010 Photographer: Simon Lekias. Those extra long legs and the way the denim sits on her pert butt make me actually want to buy jeans. Last time I bought jeans… 10 years ago! I’m more of a dress girl but these and their glove fitting shape look hot.


After booking a Victoria’s Secret show I thought she was going to be super and stay in NYC, after a few quiet months it’s great to see her Liv Tyler lips back in action and in Australia.

images: tfs

smoke and mirrors……


The love affair started with last seasons Spanish frilled leotard and returned with the black all in one key printed catsuit. Birthday Suit hails from The Kingpins…. four girls who were big in the Sydney Drag scene and decided to bring their technicolour costumes to life.


Alongside RWB I actually want every printed surface they produce. Lucky for me I just signed on to a long job (long for freelance) so I have already planned my trip to Alice Euphemia…. first on the list is the smoking tee…. Check out some cool illustrations at faddict…..

images: pedestrian