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hot black….


I finally had a chance to click through the new issue of Academy for Men. I like the concept… a male model agency with an online magazine to show of the talent, but as they introduce the Academy For Women I am all the more intrigued. Hot Black shot by Terence Chin, styled by Olivia Waugh, and Modeled by Heather at Pricillas caught my attention. I want to know if the hot mum is styled or just happens to fit the bill.


The male model shoots remind me of London, grey tones, skinny interesting faces and a slight look of desperation which I love. The ladies look more like a shoot from maybe the US based Nylon. Makes the reader keep clicking!

images: afm

rat bag…..


I first snapped eyes on Julia Nobis back in the Russh Jan/Fen 2010 editorial “Julia Likes Metal and Making Out”, Photographer Samuel Hodge and Fashion editor Stevie Dance.


Since then she has been catapaulted to sky heights yet already in the latest Issue of Russh “Rat Bag” shot by Derek Henderson and with Stevie Dance styling, Julia has in 6 months gone from teen on street to an all angles Italian Vogue angles model. I just received my subscription… but already I say Thanks to scans by rox_yr_sox @ TFS.

beau coops…


Last season I wanted most of the debut Beau Coops Fall Collection, platform royal blue boots to be exact, now I wonder if I can pull off the plaited blonde wedge sandals. Some close ups of the new S/S 10-11 collection show Carrie Cooper the designer, is not a one trick pony.

images: canvas

high noon…..


Sara Phillips is all about Calvin Klein simplicity. Muted pastels, fine lines and a softness with an emphasis on drape. Her S/S 10/11 takes inspiration from “Art Deco, Miami Vice and [American] western dressing.” The high waisted leggings with the cowgirl belt and cropped tank could well be my favorite look, but the pleated skirt with a little extra at the back is my must have piece. I did a similar style skirt when back in the good old days I had a label, but Sara has nailed the perfect silhouette for pleats. Emma Power from Chic stars.

images: Pages

“will you make me look pretty?” “it would be impossible not to.”


Two of my favorite Australian models Myf Shepherd and Rachel Rutt have set up a blog. Myf has left her super status to study and Rachel’s career is only just taking off but they have set up what I think is the beginning of a script rather than a traditional done it all before I’m a model fashion blog. It’s all dialogue and interviews with unknown subjects, rather fitting the title HeyWeird yet right down David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

images: heyweird

rock pool…


Two faces getting a lot of attention are Avril Alexander and Georgia Fowler. Campaign girls, highly featured when it comes to bikinis and quite tired after many a strutt down the RAFW catwalk.


I saw this earthy toned shoot on The Fashion Spot but it was lacking credits.. looks like maybe Harpers or maybe even Madison?

images: tfs

visible panty line issue….ouch!


Oyster was Dead… had a re-vamp, new type and a cheaper price point. Sometimes when things die you forget bout them for a while despite the fact that resurection has taken place. Not only have I neglected Oyster’s new Issue… thinking I had already posted this cover, but also I have only just now checked out the new blog.


The old blog was black in background and was randomly updated, maybe once a week. The new blog has a clearer white background and the frequent posts have had me visiting even on the weekend. Now it’s time to actually leave the house and buy Issue 86.

images: oyster

this is neuw……


Neuw is a Melbourne label that only recently launched. I discovered it when checking out one of my most visited Australian photographers site: Chris Searl…He shot Zippora from Priscillas for the denim labels lookbook. Hair and Makeup by Claire Thomson. Digital Op, Mike Purvis and Assisted by Kyle Ford.


The label stems from Par Lundqvist, an avid collector of vintage denim jeans who came up with the revolution of archiving… re-making and adjusting with darts and repairs to create what Neuw call Vintage Revision. Each pair has individual qualities that need closer inspection to believe.

image: chris searl

lonely hearts…


I still love getting comments on my blog.. few and far between but so interesting to see those reading own blogs. Not sure of the message makers country of origin but their names are Fipe and Aroha and you need to check out their blog…thirtydoradus and click on about just to see their beautiful headwear.


On the blog I was delighted to see more of the latest Lonely Hearts Club. Autumn leaves and lush surroundings only make the liberty-esque floral prints even more beautiful.

images: 30 doradus