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Latest issue of Tokion Magazine. Photos by She Is Frank. Styling by Philip Boon @ Miss Bossy Boots. Makeup Megan Harrison. Makeup assistant Janice Wu. Hair by Rob Mason. Models Alice @ Giant, Melody and Zoey @ Chadwick.

The sleezey seventies backgrounds really set the mood. They flash me back to the series Swingtown. Nothing better than a fiery red Alice surrounded by pale pink and orange flowers.

I worked with the talented Megan when we shot Cassi, sneaking around St Heliers. Megan is doing some beautiful work, check out her beauty blog….

images: megan harrison


December Issue 79 of Pages Online is out. Jason Capobianco, Fashion Editor David Bonney @ Network, Hair Kimberley Forbes @ RP Represents, Rae Morris for Loreal Paris and models Simone @ Priscillas, Kieta @ Chic and Zach @ Priscillas.

images: pages

holding her breath………

Dossier Journal Issue 1v NYC. Photography by Cara Stricker. Styled by Bex Sheers. Hair & Make-up by Di Dusting @ DLM. Model Xanthe Breen @ Priscillas.

More images representing my momentary love of black and white.

This Melbourne model was big on blogs late last year after being snapped by the Cobrasnake, but this is the first I’ve noticed of her this year.

More about the poses than the clothes and yet I still want a close up and need to know more.

Australian stylist Bex Sheers has an amazing blog. It’s like a folio that she updates regularly and shows her crazy styling diversity.

images: bexual

schools out……

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that models are just teenagers with extra long legs and beautiful faces. Codie Young has been on the cover of Australian Vogue before even graduating from high school.

Her blog is a sweet dear diary experience even sharing prom pictures. Graduation and 2 day trips to Mexico shooting.

behind the shots….

Photographer JoDuck, Model Lulu at Viviens. All lingerie by hopeless hotel
Make up by Sarah Lea Cross.
Photographer JoDuck recounts the tales of this shoot….”That hopeless shoot was intense. I’d shot a mini campaign for Novo from 8-4, then drove to Gaby (hopeless hotel creator)’s house where the other girls were waiting. We packed up the car and drove into the night through very creepy and beautiful bush land, listening to Hall & Oats and keeping everything very bubbly as the sky got very dark!
When we arrived in Walhalla after three hours, the log cabin was TINY and there was junk on all of the walls. Gaby’s sister Domi had prepared some Cannelloni which didn’t fit in the teeny tiny oven! There was no power and there was no space for me to set up any of my lighting. It was so small and so tiny. I was beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to shoot it in this dark cabin lit entirely by solar powered mini fluros. We planned to shoot in the bushes outside but we got ourselves a little creeped out after the seance shots. I improvised with lighting and I think it’s some of my best yet! We wanted to make it look like a b grade horror movie hence the colour and some of the angles. Gaby said the inspiration for the range was Sam Rami’s ‘Evil dead’ films. One of the head pieces is made to look like an elegant pile of brains!
Ha, it hit 1am and it was straight to the sleeping bags. But I was still feeling the adrenalin of the day and found myself in a giggling fit after thinking about a literal interpretation of a ‘sleeping bag’. Haha. So stupid. It was up at six thirty for more hair and make up and the remaining outfits. We finished up with a piece of Domi’s home made lemon tart with a dark chocolate base (amazing!) and Lulu, Sarah (make up) and I were all in the back seat feeling queasy and exhausted like three little kids. Oh and we also found a graveyard when we were there and Sarah wore a hat that made her look like she was trapped in a lions head and when we came home, we all got a cold. “


An editorial in Australian Vogue November alongside Nicole Trunfio and now covering Spur January 2011 and an editorial in Ginza magazine, Rosie Tupper is taking on Tokyo. I love the sheer nude shirt with a secretarial collar which mixes Japans conservative with a kink style.

images: tfs

we are handsome…….

Photographer: Claire Wallman, Model: Olivia, MUA: Terri Smith & Belinda Kruse.

“We are super proud to present the fourth installment of The Handsome Project. The Handsome Project features young photographers who blow our mind, shoot our stuff and are all together fantastic. Read on to see the rest of Claire’s WAH photoshoot and interview!”

“I love finding new and exciting locations but it depends on what im shooting. Finding the 6 locations for the handsome project was exciting…but a long day driving from shot to shot. I loved people’s reactions when we walked into the bowling ally, wearing swimwear and carrying giant inflatable pool toys haha.” Claire Wallman.

images: we are handsome

Helium Metaphor…..

Louise Van Der Vorst shot by Darren McDonald for Oyster magazine issue #89. Oyster is often about bright striking masculine shots so it’s lovely to see Darren’s romantic style hitting the pages.

I’m really into black and white simplicity at the minute. Especially as it’s all about the hair. Messy lines and all emotion. Louise produces cool stubborn child like poses where you can imagine her rebelling and stomping her feet as she is being told what to do.

A few days later on the blog pops up the other images for his editorial featuring German model Kim Glaser @ chic.

images: coldam