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miss january..2011…

NZ Born, London based stylist Kate Ruth is in my top 10. This is an ongoing colaboration with photographer Matthew Shave featuring model Aysche Tiefenbrunner.

Sometimes the shine of black leather with fire engine lips and finger tips is all it takes to make a great shoot. Aysche would make a great Russian spy Bond Girl.

A high end calender to rival the big names at Pirelli.

images: kate ruth

who’s that girl?…

Surface Asia, Issue 1. PH: Simon Upton, Styling: Ryan Lobo at RP Represents, Hair: Michael Brennen at The Artist Group, Make-up: Andrea Black at The Reload Agency. And the model is an unrecognisable blonde Rachel Rutt.

“The magazine is an outworking of the original New York-based Surface Magazine that has been  celebrating and encouraging the world’s most forward-thinking artists and designers for the last 15 years.” (Editor’s note)

I love the shot on the right! Rachel looks absolutely amazing she has such amazing bone structure but I think maybe I like her with darker locks.

Issue 1 came out in December so looking forward to more.

images: fashionmediaph

like a summer thursday….

Russh Australia February/March 2011 The Beauty Shoot….Photographer: Stephen Ward, Art Direction Christine Thornton, Stylist Billie Iveson, Models: Lindsay @ Priscilla’s, Sabrina @ Chic and Frances @ eMg Models.

Russh is starting to re-define beauty pages. Australian Vogue tends to ignore them and just re-print International hand me downs but Russh has started to dedicate not just shopping pages but an actual 4 page editorial. What strikes with this one is the simplicity and realism and lack of trying to push a shocking pink lipstick for a beach shoot.

images: beauty lies in the eye


Karen Magazine Exclusive…. Photographer Michele Aboud, Fashion Editor Sarah Churchill, Make Up Leiane Taylor, Hair Michael Wolff, Model Jenny Day @ Viviens and Milliner Suzy O’Rourke.

A daydream background, ethereal make up, windswept tidal wave hair and a model reminiscent of a 1970′s Shisedo beauty and yet this shoot is all eyes on the millinery. Iconic Sydney based milliner Suzy O’Rourke specialisies in bespoke hats, fascinators and accessories. After three years studying costume for film & theatre she launched her label in 2003.

It always amazes me when a designer living in Australia- a tiny market place filled with designer knock offs- creates pieces like the above merry-go-round. We just need a local Isabella Blow to wear these pieces everyday.

images: Karen Magazine


Photography JoDuck, Styling Jade Leung, Model Grace Q @ Viviens, Make Up Fiona Middleton and Hair Portia Peacey.

My friend JoDuck has an eye for talent, she shot with Bambi, Cassi and Andrej all before they hit the heights of their new stardom, and now her model of choice is Grace Q. Up close and in black and white she has a Alessandra Ambrosio quality, so who knows- maybe Grace will be the latest Australian Victoria’s Secret girl?

images: joduck

walking down the aisle….

Cassi Van den Dungen is getting a new last name. The 18 year old Melbourne girl has been contraversial since the get go, and now she is finally getting married to her brick laying boyfriend, Brad Saul. When I worked with her on the above shoot she spoke about him non stop and was clearly besotted. Cassi is known for her extreme down to earth ways (often referred to as a bogan) which cost her an IMG contract and a lot of hate on TFS but I salute a girl strong enough to do the opposite of what she is told.

can i be your shadow?

Canvas Magazine. Photographer Peter Karlstrom, Stylist Leigh Dalton, Make up and Hair Danielle Hampton, Models Ashleigh @ Chadwicks & Chealsea @ Viviens.

The rise of the strong standing female model and the effeminate male. Not so much androgynous- more Helmut Newton amazons.

I really love Canvas, with it’s dedication to shooting with local models and focussing on young Australian designers. Quite often they will take it upon themselves to style a label rather than featuring press images alongside their amazing articles. Download!

images: Canvas Magazine

i’d rather be listening…

Fallen Issue 6. It’s amazing. Ive already discussed the Tallulah Morton cover… Here’s whats inside. Photography JoDuck, Stylist Jade Leung, Model Grace Q @ Viviens, Hair Jamie Richardson @ Studio Arts, Make up Megan Harrison.

An independent magazine based in Melbourne using young locals and not letting advertisers dictate. Not sure how they do it, especially in this current climate. I will never forget a shoot I did in London where the Big Wig magazine editor came through to look at the 5 rails of clothes we had and he had absolutely no interest in the spectacular one- off Gareth Pugh pieces or the latex printed leggings straight from Japan, instead he glazed over and said “Where’s the Hugo Boss?… we need Hugo! Don’t you know they are our biggest advertisers!”

Just yesterday I was pondering the fact that hair in shoots seems to be becoming mundane, almost an afterthought. This is the best hair Iv’e seen in a long while, sick of top knots and the natural look, I love this especially in the opening profile.

images: joduck

pretty pia…

Another new girl at Work. Pia is one of those girls who should head straight to Asia with her amazing Eurasian features. Such lovely wide set almond eyes and pouty lips.

At 5.10″ she is all long legs. As it stands on Work’s website these polaroids are just the beginning for Pia.

images: work

all of the above…

The DIY issue of Canvas has a great showcase on some big Melbourne labels, Limedrop, Estelle Deve and Above. This range from Above is muted tones with a Jil Sander stapled feel. Just enough drape to feel cool and dressed up through this steamy summer.
All photography by Jo Duck, Styling Jade Leung, Make Up Megan Harrison, Model Melody @ Chadwick Models.

images: joduck