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monika clarke….

My friend Alice and I were discussing models in Melbourne. Alice needs a girl for her lookbook and as we both worked in London we are used to the stick figure aliens and yet the girls working in Melbourne who have yet to move overseas are more your beautiful catalogue girls. Then sometimes it just takes a strong assertive photographer…Monika is dating a footballer and quite often seen in KMARt catalogues yet these shots are transforming.

images: tfs, purple dinosaur xo


Oyster #92 is out tommorow and Pedestrian has got another exclusive…LOLita with Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Styled by Imogene Barron and Photographed by Bec Parsons.

I love that Bambi is hot property, walking for Chanel and yet she still seems to do a massive amount of local work.

Imogene and Bec create beautiful love stories together, such back yard birthday party pinata colours.

Like Abbey Lee Bambi has that tough beauty in which you can tell she is actually behind the scenes cool.

I have the peach shirt now I want the pants.

images: pedestrian

snow blind…

Snow Blind. Photography Cameron Hammond, Direction Samuel Michael, Fashion NOFOURTH, Models Sally @EMG, Kelsey @ Pricillas.

Kelsey the runner up in Australia’s next top model has taken her future in her own hands getting together with some of her like minded fashion friends and started a blog cutting out the middle man. The way of the future. Skipping the agent, the booker, the plane fares, even the make up and fashion can be makeshift if these images are only the beginning.

friend of mine….

Melbourne label Friend of Mine hired model blogger Alexandra Spencer aka 4th and Bleeker to paint her Axl Rose style over their Spring 2011 collection, Smokey Rolls lookbook.

I love the haphazard nature in which their garments come together as a range, mix and match antics and with boots and accessories of their own. Australia is reknowned for ripping off overseas labels, a friend of mine works in a studio here and they practically spend the whole time copying samples…BUT Friend Of Mine have a unique look and always produce amazing sell out shoes…the boots are sublime.

images: pedestrian

globalisation glue, beauty fused…

Pangaea. Tangent Magazine, Issue 4, Photography Kylie Coutts, Fashion Britt McCamey, Hair Clive Allwright, Make Up Martin Bray. We are now up to Issue 6 but I just had to show this shoot with my new favourite model Eve Liu, alongside Laura Gorun and Elin Ledskog.

images: tangent

amanda ware….

Not sure of the publication….Photography: Matthew Webb, Make-up: Peita Gregory, Hair: Emma Hill, Models: Amanda Ware, Eliza Humble, Eve Liu, Lindsay Stankovic.

I love the above image…like a modern Benneton ad. Eve Liu is my new favourite model… after a Frankie magazine cover she is slowly showing her beautiful angles around town. Eve is going to be big, from what I can make out she is only 16.

images: rtvgames

a mask to hide behind….

Another stunning shoot from the Australian photographer Georges Antoni… nothing but beautiful images on his site. The ex model from the Gold Coast has led a zig zag life thus far starting his love of fashion not photography surrounded by 3 sisters and hanging out in the families clothes store. Then on to finance, helping his family start up a chain of health bars, and then by chance he took a couple of photos of his girlfriend and showed them to Viviens. The fairytale is the making of a independent movie. Above are some secret models who bare no clothes and posses sultry pouts yet the masks are the main focus. Georges is fast becoming a classic Vogue idealistic icon.

images georges antoni