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enter the light…

Wall Street Journal, The Design Issue. Photographer Beau Grealy, Styling Marina Burni, Model Rose Smith, shot at the National Gallery of Australia.

How amazing is the set. Almost makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Canberra, I did it once with my friend Alice, her mum and friend John for the Vivienne Westwood exhibition. Oh how I miss the Tate Modern.

I’m not usually a fan of one tone styling, especially when the colour is white but Rose looks so elegant.

images: tfs

out in the sun….

Photographer Louise Hatton, Fashion Imogen Wilson, Make Up Corrina Lyon, Hair Bex Brent, Models Katie @ Monarch and Daisy @ Red Eleven.

Featured in NY Open Lab Magazine. Shot at stylist Imogens’ favorite childhood beach in Wellington NZ which features a beautiful Paua mosaic.

I love shoots with models who look alike. It seems like two friends hanging out and playing dress up.

How amazingly kitch is the mosaic wall backdrop.

images: imogen wilson


Alice Euphemia the Melbourne boutique have discovered another new label.. Batson. Named after designer: 19 year old Brisbane student Bianca Batson

Excerpt “The prints were selected first. The whole collection was based around them. I loved that they were an autumn theme but in these amazing vibrant summer colours. The mirroring actually happened by accident, I was playing around with the images and it sort of just happened. I guess thatʼs why I got into design, I love that it’s unpredictable and that something so unconventional can be so beautiful.” check out the Alice Euphemia site for more…

images: shopgirl


“Edgeley” Autumn/Winter 2011 Lookbook. Photography Jo Duck, Model Emily Macfarlane from Scene, Make-up Fiona Middleton, Shoes Preston Zly.

Innocence with a mind ticking over like clockwork. Names like The Chastity Shirt, The Leather Reticule with lucky tail and The Black Gloria Turban Alice’s debut Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is the first of many.

My amazing friend Alice arrived in London with the determined purpose of honing her skills with the best and arrived on Christopher Kane’s doorstep in skinny jeans and a rainbow turban. This got her a trial but it was her years of creating costumes for theatre, film, and music videos that had provided a love of kitche and colourful fashion.

This collection is exactly the opposite of what I imagined she would design and that is why I love her hide around the corner style. I was expecting fluros and futuristic techniques reminiscent of Kane’s first collection, instead it’s B&W prim and proper and filled with pure wools pleats and crisp white cottons.

I think this first collection will one day be collectors items… Dr Seuss hats, small runs and just at the beginning of her career going to her shop is highly recommended… 220 Getrude St Fitzroy.

sew cool…..

Dazed & Confused Magazine, Photographer: Richard Burbridge, Models: Herieth Paul & Dempsey Stewart & Charlotte Free & Bethany Terry & Christoph Ribbe & Kaan Tilki & Miles Frank. Above left is 18 year old Perth stunner Dempsey.

images: love and life

meag.. the next….

Russh ” Fresh It” The Next, The Now, The Always. Meag West is The Next. Photography Will Davidson, Styling Stevie Dance.

Stevie Dance seems to have created her own sense of art direction alongside her characteristic styling. The use of pre-loved quilts and fabrics almost floating past the location shoots. Meag almost looks like Dorothy before she is swept away to the land of Oz.

Meag West was discovered at a Britney Spears concert in Salt Lake City, she does have that Chloe Sevigny in Big Love quality. I want the Mary Katrantzou floral knitted dress, it’s so beautiful.

Russh asks Meag West what her favourite Mae West quote..”I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.” How cool, she references Britney and Mae in the one interview.

images: fashion manifesto


Melbourne label T-V had a little hiatus. My wardrobe is suffering as I make a concerted effort to arrive at their beautiful studios making far-fetched excuses to work as to why I must be in the city in the early hours and I have been known to spend my weeks wage without the usual guilt. Now with fair isle knitwear and the pale grey sloppy joe and fanny pack/bum bag I better start saving now.

Their last lookbook for the AW10 collection featured Samantha Harris who has since become a big name, I still want the fluro chiffon shirt and glow in the dark rope belts from that collection. For Winter 2011 the designers Monika and Ingrid have used their see into the future eyes to enlist Melbourne newcomer Jena Hall (chadwick & IMG.)

images: fashion hayley & purple dinosaurxo


One of my best friends in the whole world also happens to be a talent reminiscent of Jenny Kee or Linda Jackson. Alice is a trend all to her own, never following and always inspiring with themed mood boards in her head for each season and thats just for her own outfits. One summer she embodied Peggy Bundy mixed with an Italian car racing drivers girlfriend, another year it was Cher from Mask meets Althea Flynt (Larry Flynts girlfriend played by Courtney Love ) each ensemble precise right down to the painted nail. Alice has even been known to sketch each outfit before packing a suitcase just  for a holiday.

After working as head seamstress at Christopher Kane in London she has finally returned to Melbourne and opened her own shop and started a womenswear label “Edgeley.” Dr Seuss hats top long-collared tailored shirts with sharp Byzentine prim pleated skirts. All beautifully made behind a transparent curtain so you can both shop and watch her work. Each item can be fitted or made to order. Lookbook coming soon…..