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miss country girl….

2010 Miss Country Girl Bendigo, fifteen year old newcomer Karlee o’Donnell looks so sweet and innocent and is actually 5’11″. Signed to Chic and already been suggested as the new Miranda Kerr. I saw her in the new faces collected for the latest issue of Russh and she looked so cute, young and innocent. I love her nose.

images: chic

helo tokyo….

Perth girl Chrystal Copland who in her first round of shows opened for Vuitton has a tumblr featuring her best friend Dempsey Stewart.

Helo Tokyo has some cool behind the scenes, I especially like the crowded room of hopefuls waiting to be cast, giggling nervously together. Dempsey carries a camera, along with many other models so it seems they will be multi tasking from here on in.

images: tfs

and the winner is….

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 was announced last night…. Montana. Here is her Harper’s Bazaar December Issue cover, not on sale until November 14th. Last years winner Amanda Ware recently walked 11 International shows and has starred in many Australian campaigns.

Montana is one of those models you couldn’t name in a line up. That funnily enough is not a bad thing but takes a trained eye to show off her beauty. I once arrived to a shoot and looked down at a scruffy tomboy who i assumed must be the photographers assistant. Soon enough and after just 30 minutes in make she transformed into the best androgynous stunner. These models are the ones that make up artists must get excited about, and can book so many different jobs. Montana is going to be  a star.

images: harpers bazaar australia


Dark angry cover, I love the hidden face and the shine of the feathered armour. Reminds me of a more daring version of the old Oyster covers.

A bit hard to capture these images as the site flashes them up like a heart beat. Hard to believe it’s Australian up against the sunsets and tom boy messy haired editorials around at the minute.

This is definitely one of those magazine you buy and keep forever as references to be dug up years later.

Just about to pre-order as I need to see the full stories and find out whether it’s filled with Australian models or if it is made up of overseas contributers, I hope not.

a rose kind of friday…..

Rose Smith in Metal Magazine shot by Eril Guillemain.

I love Rose, front on she is commercial and ready for Anna’s Vogue, see her profile and she moves over into Dazed and Confused territory.

I’m not sure why but I love these shoots. The simplicity of one label per look yet the complexity of making it flow into a story. Rose’s skin looks perfect.

images: tfs