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vivienne westwood resort….

Ad Campaign: Vivienne Westwood, Spring/Summer 2012, Photographer: Juergen Teller
Models: So Young Kang (Marilyn), Eliza Cummings (Women), Dempsey Stewart (Wilhelmina), Jonathan Kroppmann (Red)
Dempsey is ruling London town, i-D and a Westwood campaign. I want every bag...every single's hard
to notice the models or the clothes as the accessories are supreme.
images: tfs



Elliot Ward-Fear Autumn Winter 2012 shot by Thom Kerr, Styling Cassandra Scott-Finn, Beauty Becca Gilmartin, Hair Lauren McCowan,

Model Liv O’Driscoll.

Flame is a collection of one off pieces and made to order changing the market to towards the front rowers. I’ve been researching

Close Encounters of the Third Kind and there is a massive lack of low budget sci-fi watch when you are young to make you wonder

whats above, I think Thom should make a fashion film as this lookbook is stunning.

Thom Kerr and Elliot Ward-Fear are a match made in star gazers heaven. He shoots to show off the tailored lines without forgetting

his signature style.

I love how the stockings look painted on as they peep behind the Ziggy Stardust corners.

This is my favourite look, the militant nurse from the first world war sexpot stockings alongside the herione battle corset is so beautiful.

Liv was out of action and is making her modelling comeback after having a little baby, how amazing does she look…well slept and all.

Such a cool walking off in a fight back look.

This looks like an outfit to be worn by Daryl Hannah in a Quentin Tarantino girls kick bad guys movie to save the day.

images: thanks to thom kerr



Harpers Bazaar Australia March, Photographer: Will Davidson, Stylist: Jillian Davison, Makeup: Kellie Stratton

Hair: Alan White, Model: Marloes Horst.
What a stunning African shoot, an insight on a modern day Out Of Africa love story. Harpers is showing Vogue how to
create an editorial with an Australian crew on location with a hotshot International model and somehow make it look
Australian rather than a re-print or a want-to-be Vogue US.
thanks to beauty lie is the eye for the scans


a widows black lace….

Some black and white shots from Jonas Bresnan’s site.

Such a great strong Roman nose. I’m not sure who the model is but she has that strong sensual look in which every angle works.

A fine black Italian mourning mistress lace throughout the shoot makes me want to see this model in movies.

images: jonas bresnan



Caitlin Lomax shot by Greta Ilieva for Zoo Magazine #33, styled by Margaret Crow.

My favorite white blonde Australian model, was a one to watch last season but I predict she will just be big this time around especially in London and Paris.

This looks like a perfect premise to a go-see for a Marc by Marc campaign. Love the lip liner.

images: tfs