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best of the season…

PURPLE FASHION #17 S/S 2012, Best of The Season, Photographed by Terry Richardson

Styled by Carine Roitfeld, Model Bambi. I was wondering why Bambi was a no show....she has been booking solid
editorials but it seems she is working more in Sydney. Must be hard to do Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2011 Collection
at the Paris-Byzance then come back to your homeland and do a re- creation of the snow show in Sydney.
images: tfs

christopher kane…

It’s the number one show I look forward to. I can’t believe I was backstage up close to his beautiful Crocodile Dundee and Pastel

Gingham collection. The close ups are exquisite but I feel the need to touch the leather trimmed devore modern take on the fifties prom.

Are the jumpers lined with phone line coloured wires….? They are the most beautiful jumpers he has done, and the shoes look

perfect combination of witch and walk all day. The best thing about Christopher and his extreme textile ranges are his ability to

lead the way. I feel Mr Kane is copied world wide- colours textures and cuts and yet he keeps the ideas coming. I wish my friend still

worked there as my samples seem to have stopped. I do own a skirt from his St Martins collection which is my most prized item.

images: style


happy campers…

Romance Was Born’s AW12 collection. Happy Campers. Almost unrecognisable as a Romance collection. A certain Eley Kishimoto

quirk and less dress up box bells and whistles but up close I still love everything about this label. Less of a gimmick and more

sophisticated lines, thats not to say I don’t miss the stage costume look they usually create but I want every above item.

How adorable is the “got three pockets on my overalls” pale denim jean suit with christian loveliness embroided sunshine. I love it.

Louise Van Dr Vorst has a great Heidi does Hair look for this collection.

images: oyster


dempsey’s dark bob…

Calvin Klein is a must see show but I must admit I look not for the upper class prim and proper clothes but more for the faces.

I like it when they do sleek minimal clothes that fit like tubes and the colour palette is always so original. This season the faces

seem to morph from one girl to the next all looking like they were plucked from the Russian country side and I only just recognised

Dempsey. It’s crazy how colour and cut on some young girls can make or break, this blunt bob makes her look more sophisticated less

London Dazed girl who was just discovered street side. I have a feeling the black is temporary…

images: tfs

alice mccall….

Krystal Glynn for Alice McCall AW12 collection, ‘Grand Rooms’. Such a lovely spoilt brat collection, like Krystal has stolen her

older sisters new clothes and been caught looking hotter. Check out the whole collection here…

So far the 17 year old models is yet to hit the runway, I hope she books some big London names.

images: oyster