Monthly Archives: March 2012

in development…

Martha and a few quick snapshots from the “in development” section at Viviens. I kind of think there should be a universal white/blackt-shirt stock standard shot world wide that all agencies used. Martha stands out as the best profile I’ve seen in a long time. Would it be weird if she booked European shows and cascaded down the catwalk cheek first??

images: viviens

foam magazine…

Foam Magazine, Photographer Jessica Sim, Styling Imogen Wilson, Hair and Make Up Sophie Garth, Models Seon Hwang and

Lili Sumner and ?

Somehow it makes me want to go to the waterpark near me but this one looks like its built into a beautiful rainforrest.

images: imogen wilson


stolen girlfriends x maya….

Its been a computer died and the miracle which is my nerd boyf has resurected all things apple like.

Photographer Maya Villiger Stylist Zara Mirkin New York street style campaign for Stolen Girlfriends Club, models Zippora Seven,

Anni Jurgenson, Kermi Otashliyska and Elizabeth Jaeger.

Stolen is fast becoming a favourite and a label I look forward to seeing whats next, clever non conformist prints and a mixed lolly bag of styles.

images: Oyster